Becoming part of the Navy Reserve Never Served

Whatever your background, there could be an important place for you serving part-time in today's Navy Reserve. You can bring your professional experience, your education, your passion and your potential. Apply yourself to a greater cause. And take away even more than you give.

There’s so much to gain from becoming part of the Navy Reserve. So take everything in this section into consideration as you decide if the Navy Reserve is right for you.

A life of service. A life of your own. See what it means to those who have never served before.

Potential sign-on bonuses now available

Depending upon your interest area and whether you qualify to be an Enlisted Sailor or an Officer, you could be earning a bonus from $5,000 to $20,000 when you join the Navy Reserve.

Enlisted and Officer – what's the difference?

All members of the Navy and Navy Reserve are Sailors, first and foremost. Beyond that, Sailors are classified as either Enlisted or Officer. Find out why and what it means.