Transitioning into the Navy Reserve Serving Now

What will you do when your current military service obligation is up? As an Active Duty member of the military, you can go on serving full-time. You can opt to enter the civilian sector. Or you can discover the best of both worlds – making the seamless transition to part-time service in the Navy Reserve.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your next step. So take everything in this section into consideration as you decide if the Navy Reserve is right for you.

A life of service. A life of your own. See what it means to those who are serving now.

Potential affiliation bonuses now available

Depending upon your rating or specialty and whether you are Enlisted or an Officer, you could be earning a bonus from $5,000 to $20,000.

Currently serving as an Enlisted Sailor in the Navy?
Contact your Career Counselor for details

Currently serving as an Officer in the Navy?
Contact the CTO for details

Currently serving (as Enlisted or an Officer) in another branch of the military?
Contact a Navy Reserve Recruiter for details

Attention Navy Enlisted Sailors and Officers

Are you currently serving on Active Duty but interested in part-time service? If so, learn more about transitioning into the Navy Reserve.
Enlisted Sailors: Contact your Career Counselor
Officers: Contact the Career Transition Office (CTO)

Officer Experience Is in High Demand

The importance of having experienced Officers joining the ranks of the Navy Reserve has never been greater. And who better to offer insight into the part-time service option than actual Officers who’ve transitioned into the Navy Reserve.


Sailors affected by the Enlisted Retention Board (ERB) should explore the Navy Reserve as an option. Serving part-time as a Reservist, you may be able to continue your career in America’s Navy – taking advantage of key benefits, including unemployment compensation, health and dental insurance, life insurance, education opportunities, retirement and so much more.