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Balancing military life and everyday life is part of being a Reservist. And the commitment to serve is something that's made easier with support and understanding – from family, friends and employers. Fortunately, there are good resources readily available to potential Reservists, current Reservists and those around them. Resources to aid in their decision-making process and help promote successful and satisfying lives of service.

Whatever your connection to the Navy Reserve or to a Navy Reservist, readiness is important. And knowing what to expect is essential whether you're considering if the Reserve is the right choice for you and your family or seeking to make the most of your opportunities as a Reservist.

This is where you can learn about some of the useful sites and services that are out there to help.

If you have questions about things like Navy Reserve family life or Navy Reserve family support or if you seek information about details like Reserve benefits or Reservist reemployment rights, there are simple ways to get many of the answers you need.


Video: Navy for Moms - Karen and Barb - Mash-Up

Barbara Tochet. In the Navy my son Curt had many opportunities to gain an education. Curtis had a good many courses available to him that would apply to a four year degree later. My Name us Karen Gallagher. I have two wonderful boys that are in the Navy. The education that you get …

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U.S. Navy

Check out was created for the mothers (and loved ones) of those who are currently serving or considering serving in the U.S. Navy. That includes Reserve as well as Active Duty service. And what's found on this site can prove insightful for family, friends and servicemembers alike.

Here, you can browse member-driven content. Discuss issues. Ask questions. Join a multitude of different forums and groups. And share everything from fears and advice to thoughts and experiences.

Beyond informative, the site's environment of understanding, comfort and belonging provides an ideal support network.

Visit now.

Find the Navy Reserve on Facebook

The Navy Reserve page on Facebook is the place to learn about the Navy Reserve from current and former Reservists – as well as from others taking the time to offer their thoughts.

Here, ask questions and get answers. Join discussions and link to other sources of information. Check out photos and videos. And find out how to balance civilian and military life while enhancing a career – from those who know firsthand.

Go to the Navy Reserve page on Facebook and start your conversation now

Navy Fleet and Family Support Resources

Financial education. Spousal employment. Service transitions. Reservists and their family members can get assistance with everything from deployment preparation to career development to crisis response.

Find out what services are available and where your nearest Navy Fleet and Family Support Center is located.

Learn more about Fleet and Family Support in the Navy Reserve.

Department of Defense Resources

Face-to-face counseling. Consultation online or over the phone. Access to helpful tips and tools relating to virtually any aspect of military life. The Department of Defense Military OneSource program provides free, 24-hour complimentary assistance to servicemembers and their families.

Find out how to get guidance in anything from military life and deployment to financial and legal matters to health and relationship issues.

Learn more about the support services available through Military OneSource.

Veterans Affairs Resources

What if you're a military veteran or wondering about the programs and services that would be available when you're no longer serving?

The Department of Veterans Affairs is in place to help provide veterans and their families with the world-class benefits and services they have earned.

Assistance is available with everything from education to vocational rehabilitation, health care to home loans, compensation and pensions to life insurance.

Learn more about the support services available through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Reserve Benefits Guide

Looking for more in-depth information about specific benefits?