Engineering & Applied Science

Planning and carrying out vital construction projects. Developing expertise in everything from engines to sonar to weapons guidance systems. Training to apply science in new environments and new ways. The Reservists who serve part-time in the Engineering & Applied Science communities of America's Navy Reserve take on a broad range of professional challenges, routinely breaking away from what they do in the private sector to accomplish even more in the Navy Reserve.

These Enlisted Sailors and Officers work in areas that include Civil Engineering, Construction and Mechanical & Industrial Technology.

If you have a background or interest in these areas or related fields, you could be making the most of it as a Reservist. Making important contributions whenever you’re serving. And using the experience to further your civilian career.

Potential affiliation or sign-on bonuses now available

You may qualify to earn a bonus from $5,000 to $20,000 when you join the Navy Reserve. Contact a Navy Reserve Recruiter for details. Currently serving in the Navy? Contact your Career Counselor or the Career Transition Office (CTO) for details.

Enlisted or Officer – what's the difference?

All members of the Navy and Navy Reserve are Sailors, first and foremost. Beyond that, Sailors are classified as either Enlisted or Officer. Find out why and what it means.