Chaplain & Support

The Navy Chaplain Corps has great need of individuals of faith – of all backgrounds, and all beliefs. Nowhere is access to religious counsel and services more important. And nowhere are the rewards of ministry more intimate and uplifting. Whether conducting worship ceremonies on a ship at sea or assisting clergy with religious activities on a base, you can impact lives in new and exciting ways.

These Enlisted Sailors and Officers hold positions that include Chaplain and Religious Specialist.

If you have a background or interest in these areas or related fields, you could be making the most of it as a Reservist. Making important contributions whenever you’re serving. And using the experience to further your civilian career.

Potential affiliation or sign-on bonuses now available

You may qualify to earn a bonus from $5,000 to $20,000 when you join the Navy Reserve. Contact a Navy Reserve Recruiter for details. Currently serving in the Navy? Contact your Career Counselor or the Career Transition Office (CTO) for details.

Enlisted or Officer – what's the difference?

All members of the Navy and Navy Reserve are Sailors, first and foremost. Beyond that, Sailors are classified as either Enlisted or Officer. Find out why and what it means.

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The Chaplain Page on Facebook is a great place to interact with those interested in Navy Chaplaincy. Engage with real Navy Chaplains and read about their experiences. Ask questions and share your own thoughts. Plus connect with others who are simply looking to learn more about this inspiring community.

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