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Whether drilling, attending Annual Training or spending time in an Active Duty role, your time served as a Navy Reservist counts toward Navy Reserve retirement. Learn how you accumulate retirement points, how duty status factors in and how much retirement income you may expect to receive.


As a Reservist, you will become eligible for retirement pay at age 60, following 20 years of qualifying service (Active Duty with Reserve or Reserve alone).

Retirement benefit amounts vary, depending on individual pay grades and total Active Duty and Reserve time. If a Reservist dies before reaching age 60, an optional Survivor Benefit Plan will provide an annuity to eligible beneficiaries.

  • For those serving now or those who have served before: The Reserve presents a great way to make the most of the time you’ve already invested.
  • For those who have never served: The Reserve presents the opportunity to earn a generous retirement package in addition to other substantial benefits.

Find out more about Reserve retirement and how to calculate your Reserve retirement pay.

Reserve Benefits Guide

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