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The paycheck you can earn is a key benefit of serving in the Navy Reserve. Find out where your qualifications and experience fall on the Navy Reserve pay scale. Estimate your annual income as a Reservist. Learn about potential monetary bonuses and special pay. Plus, understand the process for advancement.

Drill Pay & Annual Training Pay

As a member of the Navy Reserve, you will:

  • Receive four days of base pay for every two days of traditional weekend drilling or the equivalent of that if taking advantage of flexible drilling options
  • Receive full Active Duty pay and allowances for meals and housing during your two-week Annual Training
  • Be compensated for any additional days you choose to serve

Basic pay and allowances for Navy Reservists are derived from the same pay scale that applies to Active Duty Navy personnel. The amounts are prorated for part-time service and based on your individual pay grade and time in service.

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Note that Enlisted Sailors who have no prior military experience receive slightly reduced pay during their first four months of service.

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Active Duty Pay

Whenever serving in an Active Duty status, members of the Selected Reserve are entitled to the same pay, allowances and benefits as other Active Duty personnel of equivalent rank, time in service and qualifications.

This includes routine Annual Training. This also includes any Reserve service in a Full-Time Support role as well as any time spent on deployment.

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Monetary Bonuses & Special Pay

Beyond normal pay, there are additional pay incentives that may potentially be available to Reservists. These include:

  • Affiliation bonuses or sign-on bonuses (depending on your background) that you may qualify for
  • Reenlistment/conversion bonuses for qualified Enlisted candidates (with current or prior military experience) who convert to undermanned ratings
  • Special pay for special skills (such as aviators) and special duty (such as hazardous duty) or for serving in high-demand career areas (such as health care)

Contact a Navy Reserve Recruiter for details.

Potential affiliation or sign-on bonuses now available

You may qualify to earn a bonus from $5,000 to $20,000 when you join the Navy Reserve. Contact a Navy Reserve Recruiter for details. Currently serving in the Navy? Contact your Career Counselor or the Career Transition Office (CTO) for details.

Raises & Promotions

Reservists receive all general military increases in pay, such as cost-of-living increases and additional pay increases for years of accumulated service. These increases are paid out at the same percentage as those serving on Active Duty.

Advancement in the Navy Reserve is based on the same guidelines and principles as those of Active Duty. Promotions are based upon abilities and performance as well as the overall needs of the Navy.

Contact a Navy Reserve Recruiter for details.

Reserve Benefits Guide

Looking for more in-depth information about specific benefits?

Consider Your Service Options.

There are different ways that you can commit to serve in America’s Navy. Full-time service opportunities are also available – allowing you to take advantage of the full range of great benefits.