Aaron Sarathy and Jennifer Wallace

Living the Dream
CDR Aaron Sarathy & LCDR Jennifer Wallace, Dental Corps, USNR

“As a Reservist there are a number of opportunities to do humanitarian relief missions. You’re going to see things that you have never seen before, both from a medical side and from a cultural side.”
— CDR Aaron Sarathy, Dental Corps, USNR

Oral/Maxillofacial Surgeon Aaron Sarathy and his wife, Jennifer Wallace, D.D.S., are truly living the American dream, with two thriving private practices and a beautiful family enjoying everything coastal South Carolina has to offer. So why would two successful doctors continue to serve in the Navy Reserve long after their commitment has been fulfilled?

“It’s allowed us to travel to different places and see different things,” he says. Whether it’s performing surgery in third-world nations or preparing Marines back home for mobilization, the Navy Reserve offers people from every walk of life unique opportunities that simply can’t be found anywhere else.