Navy reserve recruiting and training sites Locations

A Sailor fires an M-16 rifle during a weapons qualification shoot aboard the USS Blue Ridge.

Where would I train if I were to join the Navy Reserve? Where can I find someone who can tell me more about opportunities in the Navy Reserve? Here, you can get answers to two of the most important questions that are likely to come up when considering serving in the Navy Reserve.

Serving Near Home

There are hundreds of Navy Reserve Centers across the country where you can train on drill weekends or perform your service requirements. In most cases, that equates to a location convenient to your home, your family, your work and your life. That also means that you can realistically serve in the Navy Reserve without having to relocate.

Check out the map above to see how close the nearest site is to you.

Finding a Local Recruiter

When it comes to learning more about the Navy Reserve, a Navy Reserve recruiter is one of the best resources you can call on. They can answer questions, provide the information you need and point you in the right direction.

There are thousands of locations nationwide where Recruiters are available. In most cases, that means there will be someone nearby to talk to.

Use our recruiter locator tool now to find a recruiter in your area.